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03844: Damaris is converted to a fierce pirate babe :D

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Can't wait to see what you do with this.  I had to add her to my wishlist now. 

Do you really have to carve down the Quiver that much?  Seems to me you could file the bolt fletchings into more a cone shape, then use green stuff to make a beer stein lid and handle. 



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The hat can always have been knocked off, and simply added as lying on the ground.  That will leave the hair pristine.  Or, put a sword handle on the scabbard, and have her hold the hat in her right hand.



Did you want to sculpt the hat or borrow it from an outside source?



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This is going to progress much faster than I anticipated! I expected to have to redo the hand, maybe the arms if I were going to make her sleeveless, try something crazy for the tankard....


I won't have to do any of those things. I dove in with some clippers and I was able to remove the bottom third of the quiver, mostly smooth out the top part of it, remove all but the center of crossbow, and flatten out the stone a bit. I can tilt the hand slightly and rebuild the thumb and forefinger when I sculpt the pistol.


Tomorrow I will sculpt the things! From the hat angles from the previous post, which do y'all think fits best? Should I take them again in full body poses, to see how it affects the mini overall?


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I like the idea of holding the hat in her hand.

Aside that, I would go for option 3 as well.


*** Great another female pirate mini I need to buy***

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I vote for the 1st hat position. Is that the full size of the hat? Fancy British hats may be pinned to the top of a crazy hair-do, but most hats, including pirate hats, would sit around the crown of the head - on a person, perhaps ~1/2 - 1in over the eyebrows, ~1/2 in over the ears, and then around the widest part of the back of the head (roughly). Some folks wear their hats a bit further back, but that wasn't for pirate hats as much as fedoras.


She's going to be seeing some wind, so having more areas to have friction on her head will be good for holding the hat in place! The jaunty angle, whichever you pick, will be awesome. Pirates need the jaunty angles! Even moreso for pirate lasses - lasses get to have asymmetry fun! 

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@Cyradis oooh, another combo breaker! :) All good points. Yep, the hat will be larger and lower, but since the edges will curl up a bit and I'd need to grind down the hair a tad to sit better, I just went with a pancake for testing. :lol:

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