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I will be watching this one. Wings look nice. They remind me a little of Maleficent from the animated Cinderella. Or maybe I am Malremembering. 


(Unrelated aside: I need to figure out what color a storm giant’s wings should be...)

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5 hours ago, OneBoot said:



Basecoat. Looks like Caraxis is good about brushing his teeth after snacking on adventurers!




Caraxis is is a good flosser, those bits of mail that those tasty adventures insist on wearing keep getting stuck in the gums like popcorn, and  your purple friend is looking lovely. Go, OneBoot, Go!

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3 minutes ago, Rahz said:

It's been 4 hours since my last comment...  Why are you not done yet?  Time's ticking!!  ::P:


Just now, Crowley said:

I keep checking in cause there's new comments, but no new progress!!


Sleep is a thing which is good, and my transition from immobile corpse to semi-functional human takes a little while. :) 


I'll be back at it by noon, noon-thirty at the latest. In the meantime, continue to party on my dudes! ^_^



--OneBoot :D 

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