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Source info on the Blood Apache Nation


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This is a deep look into something which drives our campaign, for those that are interested. its posted on the fiction area of the sandbox. heres the link.





its for those guys who like an immense backdrop to their game of CAV;


PS. Sumicus, gives you a bit of the "darkside of Awenasan History", take the red pill, and I'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes, LOL.

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Top Posters In This Topic

**Gobbles down the Red Capsule...

Backs up and then runs, jumps, does a Cannon Ball Dive into the Rabbit Hole...



**Dive Judges raise their Score Cards...


9.8, 9.9, 10.0, 9.8, 9.9


**The Crowd goes crazy, with cheers.

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