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77292: Giant Wererat

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It's kinda weird but I really love what you did with the fingers, lol.  Just that simple bit of reddish/pinkish shading towards the tips adds a ton of realism to the paint job.  I see it in the face too but I kept getting drawn back to the fingers.  I couldn't figure out why until I bent my own fingers and took a look.  Lo and behold the same pinkening(?).  Nice job all around but for some reason my brain and eyes really love those little tidbits of realism.  They should be so obvious but often get overlooked in a paint job.

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    • By Kev!
          The moon must be full...

      Thanks for looking,
    • By Maledrakh
      These are Wererats, not Skaven at all:

      Being Bones, they are slightly soft in the details, especially the smaller ones. They are made of the slightly more rigid Bones material that most of the second kickstarter Bones were done in, and as such the thinner bits like blades and tails are still flexible, but not rubbery or so bendy as to droop under their own weight as has been known to happen to some Bones in extreme poses or with only the legs supporting heavy bodies, similar to the poses of these minis.
      However, these are all rigid enough not to have any such problems. So that is a win in my book.
      77292: Giant Wererat:

      Erring on the side of caution with the backside picture, due to the ...huevos on display
      The Rat Ogre (still can’t bring myself to call it a “Rat Ogor”) certainly has got a pair.
      40mm base
      77293: Wererat Berserker

      30mm base
      77294: Wererat Stalker
      30mm base
      77295: Wererat Assassin

      30mm base
      These are all sculpted by Jason Wiebe according to the reaper store.
    • By robinh
      The minis below where my exchange minis for Hiddenone32.   I apparently boxed them up too well as he received the package, unboxed and posted that he liked the Giant Were Rat....  no mention of the scarecrow!
      After replying to his post and mentioning that there was a second painted mini he searched the paper towels I had used as padding and discovered the scarecrow.  Thankfully he had not cleaned up after the unboxing!  
      First is 77292 Giant Wererat!

      And next is the scarecrow with his goody bag  77211 Guantfield

      Enjoy!   Comments and critques are always welcome.
    • By Sirithiliel
      77295: Wererat Assassin
      77294: Wererat Stalker
      77293: Wererat Berserker
      77292: Giant Wererat
      Just quick paints of these. They're all almost done, i'm just doing table top quality

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