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The Adepticon 2018 Picture Thread


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I was at the 2018 Adepticon in Schaumburg, Illinois last month helping out at the Reaper Paint & Take tables.


I took pictures of the stupendous international Crystal Brush competition entries and other minis and terrain with an eye towards the interests of the people on this forum. Also some fun cosplay and miscellaneous interest.


I can't guarantee my photographs are great. I was using two cameras with very different capabilities and strengths and I am not a professional photographer. Some of the pictures use a very harsh flash because it allowed for super sharp enlargements of detail, something I thought painters here would be interested in.


I didn't know which entries would win the Crystal Brush competition, and as it turns out I missed the third-place winner. I have got pictures of the first and second place winners.


So to begin with, here is this year's first place entry, "Apocalypse", a diorama by Michal Pisarski.














And this is the second place winner, "The Name of the Wind", a diorama by Sergio Calvo. My pictures of this are not so good, I'm afraid.



DSC_0741.jpg.a241f882c1e786c24a0ca756a9c77b74.jpg  DSC_0739-odd-detail.jpg.0dff03ba64e33921891457075f08c421.jpg






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Here's the Reaper Paint & Take table. It was busy all weekend!



That's forumite FishNJeeps, also manning the Paint & Take table, flashing a V for victory in the first picture.








A view of the Paint & Take tables looking the other way. They were right by the entrance to the dealer's room. You can see the Crystal Brush cases to the right (behind the crowd of viewers). So convenient!





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I thought this one was a clever use of a marble as a crystal orb. I met the artist at the end of the convention; her child had been at the Paint & Take and she was packing the painted Bones minis with her other lovelies. So I got to compliment her work in person.









She also painted this diorama of Alice encountering a spider queen:





More pictures to come later!

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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

Cool!  I didn't get that great of a look at the contest entries myself - too many people standing there for me to want to try - so I really appreciate this.


One of the perks of volunteering for Reaper is they give you a Vendor badge which allows you in to the dealer's room early and after hours. Which means not having to struggle through the crowds to see the Crystal Brush entries.  ^_^


1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

Stopped by the paint and take to say hi, but you were gone at the time. 


Sadly, I didn't take pictures of me (although I did find a blurry image on my phone that seems to show part of my skirt ...).


I have lots more pictures to post! Stay tuned!

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There were lots of different types of minis. These were some fairly large-scale busts.







This is the regular-lighting shot:




And this is the incredibly harsh flash:




And here's why the flash is so useful:






I am not sure how the artist got this flesh looking so waxy. In real life it's quite striking:










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15 hours ago, robinh said:

as the wolf would say  ... mooaaar!




I have plenty more pictures, no fear! I am just organizing them.


7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

@Pingo thank you for showing this.

As for those busts, I know these are also on Putty and Paint, should one want to see more pics.


I love that Spider Queen, any idea if that's an exisiting model or a conversion?

I have use for a Spider Queen like that.


I don't know, sorry. It did look very cool.

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Adepticon had a sort of Artist's Alley (I'm not sure what they called it) where people had permanent painting setups.


Rhonda Bender suggested I wander over and talk to James Wappel (Thanks, Rhonda!). Turns out he and I went to art school across the street from each other. We talked quite a lot of shop. Nice guy!


Here he is (on the left) giving lessons on painting with oil paints to the lucky person on the right. They each have a copy of the same figure, there is a camera setup (you can see the monitor on the right), and just look at what they are painting!



It's Reaper's own 77376: Minotaur Demon Lord!











In the back of the last photo you can see a big banner for "Miniature Monthly - Paint Like the Pros". Smack in the middle of it is a gorgeous version of Reaper's 60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain. Even though my version is nothing like so polished as the stunner on the banner, I used the banner as an excuse to pull up mine to show Wappel my attempts to paint velvet. He was very nice about it.

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