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Legends of Signum

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Congratulations, Confrontation backers.


You won't get your mini's, but you'll be happy to hear you'll be paying Stellar's legal bills. Oh, and the salary of the SD folks.

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4 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

I'm thinking it might be time to do a bit of sympathy shopping over on the Cadwallon site...  



3 hours ago, Grefven said:


You know, I actually thought the same thing. I'm more inclined now to increase my pledge in the Kickstarter rather than lowering it because of this if it turns out that the SD-team is behind this.


According to the creators of the KS they were not involved with Cadwallon other than to sell their miniatures through the Cadwallon web store.


The first day of the KS there were a couple people giving the creators a hard time about selling through Cadwallon.  Saying that Cadwallon were recasting Confrontation sculpts without permission. But the creators insisted that they had nothing to do with Cadwallon and knew nothing of their business practices. 


But if the creators of the KS turn out to be Cadwallon then I would be hesitant to shop over there as they said that Cadwallon was not associated with LoS or the KS.  Unless I'm miss understanding you and you're saying Cadwallon is the real victim from LoW and SD. 


Can concept art be considered IP?  Just seems like creators probably have hundreds of drawings for concept when creating a game. Seems like most miniatures probably could be considered violating IP on concept art. 


Still hope LoS is legit and this comes back!  Doesn't look like too many have bailed yet... Knock on wood!

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I'm no lawyer, but if somebody paid an artist to make concept images for them and the artist exchanged that art for money, then...yes? The problem would be proving that the new minis where based on it. Hard to prove unless they have the original art and can connect the mini artist to it.

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2 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

This claim was apparently placed on the 9th so while the timing might look suspicious it could be coincidental.


That sounds even more fishy. When I first read about this and the possibility it was the Confrontation people, I thought they would be better served if they did this before their project ended, hoping people would flee this ks for theirs. But since it happened after theirs ended, they don't stand to gain as much. With the news the claim was placed a week before theirs ended, this seems like a much more likely scenario.


I hope this whole thing gets sorted out without too much fuss. This could end up killing this kickstarter and company even if they have done nothing wrong. Lost backers, potential legal battles, a small company might not survive.

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Soooooo glad to see this back!  Can't wait for the official update from them, and what plans are such are. 


Such a pity that $20k or so in people have dropped...  But should come back readily ^_^

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I'm super excited!  Glad they extended the campaign too I'm still trying to decide if I want to get this or go all in on Limbo. 

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2 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

It's actually impressive that they didn't lose more. They've got a lot of faithful backers (myself included).

I'm curious how many backers even noticed. I sometimes back a ks, and unless it's active here, only really notice when there is an update. I do check backed projects every couple weeks around payday just to make sure there are no forgotten surprises, but otherwise depend heavily on project updates. This was a little different for me in that I joined the FB page for the early bird option though.


They have shared some pics on the fb page while this thread was locked.

Nice looking archer wip:


And a painted version of the crouching wulfen, I think she looks even better painted, I thought she looked a bit misshapen in the original render:



And a mysterious* WIP:


*Kidding, it's totally another wulfen.

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I stuck around too, mostly because the game and minis are already finished to a large portion and because they did a good job communicating during the freeze over Facebook. I'm glad the extended the time since I may have backed another project or too in the meantime xD

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