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3 minutes ago, Grefven said:

Its obviously Confrontation, but I have a hard time seeing how they can actually close them down. Maybe force some name changes, but that's it.


I hope you're right!  I want those minis!

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Good for you guys. Mine arrived a while back. A few missing components (one sphinx had 2 front left legs & no front right leg, one miniature didn't have  ahead etc). I got in touch and the company

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More thoughts: It could be a bitter Confrontation fan but that's unlikely. I'd imagine whoever lodged the claim might need to be able to prove that they own the intellectual copyright. People might start pulling pledges fast. This could be pretty disastrous.


Is it more likely that the card game elements might be too similar to something else? Something in the game's rules or one of the latest sketch goals that someone's cottoned on to.


Or could it just be that old Confrontation players are a little too obsessed with miniatures of giant werewolves that look too human and happen to be holding big weapons? Yeah, that last one could be it. Sans Detour claiming they have exclusive copywright on giant wolf people might be related to this. I mean it does look as if Sans Detour are in trouble (the same guy owns Sans Detour, Stellar Licensing and Ludik Bazarre). Ludik's gone into liquidation. We're probably looking at another instance of Maelstrom Games selling their own Mierce Miniatures line to themselves as a separate business to avoid it being snapped up by liquidators when they declared bankruptcy. If the owner of Stellar Licencing & Sans Detour needs money (hence selling the old master sculpts for a load of old Confrontation minis at insane prices on the Stellar Licensing site) then I could see taking drastic steps to shut down a popular business competitor or even trying to sue them for money might make sense from his desperate point of view.


It could be someone else. We just don't know for now.

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The thing is (separate post because I've had time to read the last 2 before mine now), by hiding the campaign they've ensured the project creators can't publish updates or reassure people. It's a very damaging move.


I've only ever seen 2 other projects get hit by an IP claim. Goblins: Alternate Realities was going to be a card game based on the popular webcomic, Goblins. The company making the game basically didn't finish it and ran off with all the money. The creator of the webcomic hit them with an IP claim so he could try to get back control of the project, get the information (people's names & addresses, etc) and try to complete the game and fulfill all promises that had been made.


Return of the Dragon was a martial arts Street Fighter style board game. I backed it for a few minis. It got delayed. Then it got hit with a mystery IP claim out of nowhere and never delivered. Don't know who or what was behind the IP claim on that one.


In each case both projects are now, essentially, dead. Neither was hit by an IP claim while it was live. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

Edited by Balgin Stondraeg
Describing IP claims on projects I backed.
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While this could hurt them, they are so far above funding goal that even if people start pulling their pledges they'll be fine. Furthermore, they also have prepared a lot of their product already (we've already seen an unboxing of the actual product) so it isn't a case of how Confrontation was run with nothing to show the backers. This will also be more reassuring, I think, although, if they are forced into changing names there might be a risk of a delay because of any need of reprinting cards, etc.

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Wallet is happy, but I'm not about an IP claim, especially since it's been running for a while, had several weeks of ramp up prior to starting that was visible, and of course, the fact they've been advertising building it up since 2015.


I'm definitely going to wait and see how this plays out, but it sure comes across rather heavily as a poor attempt by another company that's bitter their campaign didn't do as well as this one has been going to try and snuff out any possible competition... 


Then again, this one actually had high quality sculpts, some interesting mechanics (even if the card aspect was one that drew a lot of criticism, doubly so because a miniature game should be about how someone plays and what dice wind up saying, not what cards you have, this isn't M:TG but it still seems the cards are reasonably balanced, plus the fact it was looking like you'd get a full booster box by the time the campaign finished, so would hopefully be enough cards for diverse decks for two players)... 


First all the Cadwallen.... Stuff, then this.  Here's hoping it's smooth sailing after its cleared, and they're able to push an update to backers about what's going on. 

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2 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Agreed!  The wallet is breathing easier now but I still want those minis!


They have sent an email to backers so at least they'll hopefully keep us up to date on whats going on.

Definitely good to know on the email, since I can't "easily" check my Kickstarter email until I get home.  I can, it's just a bunch of loopholes to access it, that's all. 


And yeah, do I ever want those Wulfen (and, uhm, half of what Legendarion sculpted but that's totally something different) 

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28 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Agreed!  The wallet is breathing easier now but I still want those minis!


They have sent an email to backers so at least they'll hopefully keep us up to date on whats going on.


Why so they did? I just had to check my email to find out. Basically they don't know any more than we do and they'll let us know when they find out.


I suspect they might not be legally permitted to tell us until after it's been resolved anyway but it's nice of them to keep us informed.

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