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centaur couple hunting

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Spears sometimes just require replacement. I've had to cut the front off and use wire or plastic for shaft a number of times and it doesn't matter if it's bones, metal or resin

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    • By Evilhalfling
      I need to keep rolling the bones, so here are two paints from this weekend.  I'm not sure if they are actually speedpaints, as I lingered over the NNM a little on the centaur.  The rogue was less than 2 hours. the centaur less than 3.  going for tabletop quality. 

    • By Auberon
      On the 4th of July I painted a mini.  Due to her unfortunate Bonesium nature - her legs responded well to boiling and setting but the spear, which is a separate mold, did not - she became a test piece for painting tabletop using washes.  After the mid-tone and shadows were set by the washes, highlights and details were picked out in a normal manner.  Even with matte medium mixed into the ink washes she turned out super shiny, which isn't really an issue for a tabletop piece that will be sealed anyway.

      And lastly a higher angle shot to better show the highlights.  It is larger to show off the gory details, and is more color accurate than the other pics.  Pay no attention to the stray grass.  She is still shedding a bit.

    • By canuckotter
      This guy was a test piece... I have another 2 like him and 3 female centaurs that are all going to be painted roughly the same. The base isn't done because I'm planning to actually cut them off these bases and attach them to something better later, but I don't have those bases yet so...
      Comments and criticism always welcome.


    • By Sirithiliel
      77384: Arathanel, Elf Ranger
      89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk
      77355: Count Lorenth
      77364: Angel of SHadows
      77397: Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin
      77264: Female Centaur
      77200: Sir Conlan
      77205: Alistrilee
      77220: Henryk, Dwarf Cleric
      77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian
      77084: Townsfolk: Innkeeper
      77148: Mangu Timur
      77074: Dain Deepaxe
      77142: Townsfolk: Blacksmith
      89011: Seelah, Iconic Paladin
      77153: Snakeman warrior (arm replaced)
      77216: Panther and wolf animal companions

    • By Sirithiliel
      This was my exchange piece for Fanguard  His suggestion in the instructions was to try a non-caucasion skin tone, so I went with it
      Made a bit of history for his kind
      The centaurs of the Savanna, a mighty and mysterious group, differ from their more normal Centaur cousins by a number of things. Their skin is dusky, while their equine halves are black and white striped like zebras.

      What little is known of them is known from distant observation, and conversation with one particular chatty stallion warrior that had decided to answer the questions of the inquiring scholar, Aberforth Arnuckle.

      Aberforth describes them as a very natural race, respecting the earth and nature, killing only what they require to eat and in self defense. He said that they do not harm zebras, perhaps considering them, being so similar to themselves, as special. All parts of a killed animal are used, with the hide used as clothing or containers, the bones from weapons, tools, and jewelry, and so forth.

      What little is known of their gods seems to imply that their main god takes on the shape of an Okapi, that mysterious creature of the central rainforests. Or perhaps Okapi are messengers of the gods, or something like that. It is known that they despise lions and will drive them away when a pride is seen.

      A warrior that can take on a male lion or leopard is greatly respected, while a warrior that takes on the most feared enemy, the ferocious hippopotamus, is revered as touched by the gods.
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