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Urban Adventure Seeds [Spoilers]

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Not specific to any particular campaign or RPG - just a place for folks to share adventure seeds for urban fantasy campaigns, since it came up on another thread.


[Dark] The players are hired by a necromancer to learn who murdered one of his corpses. She was engaged to be wed the day before he purchased her remains, and is not happy about being dead....

The victim was murdered by the necromancer's suppliers - the wife of one runs a boarding house, and it is so much less work to create your own corpses instead of digging them up. (Would naming them Bure and Harke be too on the nose?)


[Humorous] The Goblin bard and his band has cast Irresistible dance, and to the players' horror... it is a polka.

Meanwhile the bards' accomplices are robbing the shop down the street - sausages and meat pies for dinner tonight!



The Auld Grump

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[Dark] The narrowboat has been mounted on mismatched wagon wheels, and is being pulled slowly through the streets by six zombies, while their master reclines upon the deck.

Not really a mystery - the narrowboat leaks and would soon sink if replaced into the canals. Repairs would be expensive, The wagon wheels are salvaged, and the necromancer already has the zombies. The boat serves as both his home and as his place of business....


The Auld Grump

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Escort Mission - once the PCs have acquired a certain level of prestige, recognition, and/or notoriety one of more of them are hired to escort one of the ton to places... that are not in the best parts of town.


Ranging from knowing that an attack is coming, to wanting visible 'muscle' when dealing with the under world, to... indulging in morally repulsive activities. (Is that a zombie? In a thong/speedo?!


'Escort' Mission - once the PCs have acquired a certain level of prestige, recognition, and/or notoriety, one or more of them are hired to 'escort' a member of the ton, and expected to perform other 'services' afterwards.



Ranging from 'Hilarity ensues' to possibly useful connections to unexpected consequences. (What did you put in my drink...?) But the patron is too high profile to simply brush off.



''Escort'' Mission - once the PCs have acquired a certain level of prestige, recognition, and/or notoriety, one or more of them are hired to 'escort' a member of the ton, and perhaps perform other services later - but the PCs true patron has other plans.




Ranging from the parents of the Bright Young Thing wanting discrete protection for their shining star to assassination of their purported 'customer'.



The Auld Grump

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escort mission (I was a player in this one) You've been sent on a dangerous mission escorting an exiled prince and an adviser, from another city. Beware assassins and political/social rivals


You're really a matchmaker. The adviser is a minor noble, who's family has designs on making a claim to a foreign throne. Get her and the prince together, while protecting them.


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Pick a Card, any Card. The head of one of the crime syndicates has agreed to meet with you, at a random place and time, each possible location and time written upon a card that is drawn randomly from the contact's hand.



Several choices -


It is a forced draw, with the PC drawing allowed a Sense Motive or Perception test to spot the duplicity. (Alternately, all the cards have the same place and time.) Going there at that time results in an ambush.


The syndicate does not have a single leader, but several - location and time is merely a way to determine which of those leaders the PCs meet. From that point on, he or she will be the only member of the syndicate the PCs ever meet.


Each of those locations is a small dungeon - used as a test of the PCs before actual contact is made.


It is a demonstration of power and a threat - when the PCs arrive they find the corpse of one of their allies. Alternately, they find one of their enemies, bound and gagged.


None of the locations is real - it is just a way to give the syndicate time to pull out, and cover up their tracks.


Amazingly enough, the meeting is on the up and up, and opens relations with members of the subeconomy. (But where's the fun in that?...)




The Auld Grump

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      Now before anyone gets too excited, I'm not selling any of these pieces online or anything like that. These are literally pieces that are made to be sold for less than five bucks or so and are really only being made to clear out my hobby hoardings. 
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      Here's the bones Cave Troll!  I painted some of the pustules red with white-heads on them...very gross and troll-ey.  :)

    • By JudgeSamson
      Here is my Knight Templar.  This is the first model I painted after about 5 years of not painting any miniatures.

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