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Yay for purple shadows! It looks good! My suggestion would be to continue further - get a nice dark, nearly black purple (Nightshade Purple is my favorite) to line the under-edge where the hood meets the cloak, and to use that purple for deepest creases in the cloak. You can mix it with the green to create blend colors - it will look a bit weird, but the desaturated green-purple-brown will be pretty neato. On the peaks you can mix the green with some linen white (or white, or whatever almost-white is closest to your hand, lol). Brightening the tops will make the shadows more prominent too. 


I like your overall color scheme and the golden trim on the cloak. The colors place nicely together ::D: I'm also just plain a fan of purple and green. I have several projects with purple and green as the main colors because they're just so good! 

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Honestly, Nightmare Black belongs in the Blue section, and Nightshade Purple belongs in the Black section, lol. Usually I don't break color triads for dark shades, but Nightshade Purple is sorted into Black in my bins. It is about as purple as Walnut Brown is brown. They mix as purple and brown, and thin purple and brown respectively, but left on their own are black. For reference on what Nightshade Purple can do with green (and the project that started my nightshade purple-mixing obsession thanks to the Colorado folks) see the hidden. 


The greens are the Olive Green triad, mixed with I believe Linen White to the highlight color at the peaks, and with Nightshade Purple to the shadow color for the deepest shadows. It doesn't take much at all due to being so much darker than the olive triad. Just a wee bit popped in there. Alternatively, thinned a ton to just a tint.


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