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Yay for purple shadows! It looks good! My suggestion would be to continue further - get a nice dark, nearly black purple (Nightshade Purple is my favorite) to line the under-edge where the hood meets the cloak, and to use that purple for deepest creases in the cloak. You can mix it with the green to create blend colors - it will look a bit weird, but the desaturated green-purple-brown will be pretty neato. On the peaks you can mix the green with some linen white (or white, or whatever almost-white is closest to your hand, lol). Brightening the tops will make the shadows more prominent too. 


I like your overall color scheme and the golden trim on the cloak. The colors place nicely together ::D: I'm also just plain a fan of purple and green. I have several projects with purple and green as the main colors because they're just so good! 

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Nightmare Black is the blue-black. Nightshade purple is a very very dark purple, near black. The purple is pretty desaturated, as opposed to the vivid blue in Nightmare Black.

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Honestly, Nightmare Black belongs in the Blue section, and Nightshade Purple belongs in the Black section, lol. Usually I don't break color triads for dark shades, but Nightshade Purple is sorted into Black in my bins. It is about as purple as Walnut Brown is brown. They mix as purple and brown, and thin purple and brown respectively, but left on their own are black. For reference on what Nightshade Purple can do with green (and the project that started my nightshade purple-mixing obsession thanks to the Colorado folks) see the hidden. 


The greens are the Olive Green triad, mixed with I believe Linen White to the highlight color at the peaks, and with Nightshade Purple to the shadow color for the deepest shadows. It doesn't take much at all due to being so much darker than the olive triad. Just a wee bit popped in there. Alternatively, thinned a ton to just a tint.


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    • By PhantomAquarist
      God this one was a fun one to paint. 🥰
      Anyone know which miniature Anne is painting on the right screen? 😄 
      Jon Overton, Dave Pugh, and Anne Foerster I tried to do justice. Lol

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      Hello everyone, this is the third and last of my 06132, Skeleton Swordsman sculpted by Kevin Williams. I added some group pictures too.











      Group picture with the 02126 Arachno-Assassin.



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      Hello everyone, here's my second 06132, Skeleton swordsman. This Warlord Necropolis Grunt was sculpted by Kevin Williams. Like the first one I painted, the lightning on its sword is freehand painting. These huge swords are great canvas to elaborate all kinds of effects.










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      Hello everyone! After painting my 16 Citadel skeletons, I wanted to try something different on this one. Here is my rendition of my first 06132, Skeleton with Two-Handed sword sculpted by Kevin Williams. The lightning on its sword's blade is freehand painting, I used Reaper MSP paint.










    • By R2ED
      I realize it's not the weekend, but the week was quite busy and I'm happy to have got any of this done at all.  
      This little wizard's focus for me was going to be brighter colors and trying to do skin and hair better.  I think it came out pretty well.
      *  The base color of red tone and highlighting upward to flesh tone seems to be a good mix.  
      *  Keeping to adjacent colors on the color wheel made for a pleasing, eye-catching combo.  I have to say using the reds, oranges, and browns was pretty fun.
      *  I did as much highlighting and avoiding washes as I could.  This has been my practice over the last number of models I've done.  I don't get how the videos show people just splashing it on for amazing results.  I don't get it, can't seem to do it the same, so I resort to taking more time on starting dark and going light.  Much like Dr. Faust's painting videos.  I've learned much from watching him.
      *  Mixing paints is getting better.  I used like colors to lighten and highlight and I'm getting a better balance and understanding of how they may look really different wet, but getting to know how they dry and differs greatly.  
      *  The eyes worked better going in order of black first, white second, black third.  I was doing a white, black, white and it made the eyes look weird.  @Inarah pushed me to try something different and it's been working better.  
      *  The brown hair with little highlights came out good and I'm trying to be very light in my touch to get subtle look versus stark.  Win!
      *  The staff is okay.  I tried to give it like some kind of weathered look or cool effect at the end, but it just didn't sing like I had hoped.
      *  On the back of his cape, there's a part that I tried shading inf that just didn't look believable to the eye.  I tried to hit it a few times to catch the light and how to lighten the edgest, but it was lost on me.  Fail.
      *The skin on his hand held out has a funny look to it up close.  I tried to bring out some of pads of his fingers and palm, but it doesn't look as good as I had hoped.
      Overall it's another win, and I'm happy with the results.  
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