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Halls of Legend - Castle Poster Map Set

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Welcome to the Halls of Legend, a castle of myth and mystery waiting to be explored!

This is a map-building project larger than any I've attempted before: a set of poster maps that let you build an enormous castle section-by-section for use with tabletop RPGs and miniatures games. As funding for this project grows, so will your castle: new sections will be unlocked and added to the available rewards via stretch goals, revealing new iconic castle set-pieces lavishly illustrated and ready for your gaming table!

This crenelated and gargoyle-encrusted medieval fortress mixes the practical needs of a defensive stronghold with the mystical trappings of a secret arcane academy and the luxurious appointments of a royal residence.  Each modular poster map is designed to be useful on its own, while connecting seamlessly to adjacent sections as part of a greater whole.

Most of the artwork for this map series is already done, and I'll be finishing the expansion areas as we go. As always, the real hurdle to making these poster maps available is funding. Poster printing requires large print runs to keep the individual costs down for everyone, so your contribution to this project is crucial to getting it into print, and every bit of your funding goes directly into the cost of producing and delivering the maps.

I hope you like what you see, and that you'll be inspired to help bring this castle to life!


At $4000 - Halls of Legend I

The initial funding goal gives you the first poster in the series: The Great Hall and Castle Dungeons! The front of the poster offers a gigantic gathering hall with tables prepared for a royal feast, while the back reveals the deep foundations on which the castle is built:

The Great Hall The Great Hall
Castle Dungeons Castle Dungeons

 At $6000 - Halls of Legend II

The first stretch goal will reveal the Entrance Halls and Upstairs Corridors, connected to each other by a grand staircase and forming a central core of the castle.

Here's a look at the Entrance Halls; the floor above them will be revealed later. Check back as we unlock stretch goals!

Entrance Halls Entrance Halls

At $8000 - Halls of Legend III

At this level, we begin to branch out to the side wings of the castle. This poster features the Library Wing and the Residential Halls, including guest and faculty accommodations, student dormitories and a hospital for recovering heroes.

This is the Great Library. The floor above it will remain shrouded in mystery for now. Check back as we unlock stretch goals!

Library Wing Library Wing

At $10,000 - Halls of Legend IV

Upon hitting this benchmark, you will reveal the Academy Wing and Tutorial Halls maps of the north side of the castle, with practice rooms, classrooms, workshops, and lecture halls where students of the mystical arts can learn and hone their skills.

Here's a peek at the ground floor of the Academy Wing. The level above is under construction. Check back as we unlock stretch goals!

Academy Wing Academy Wing

When the first four double-sided posters are all unlocked, they will also be collected into a deluxe boxed set with additional map content, and everyone who gets all four will get the upgraded deluxe set map tiles for free!

Normally, this would finish the project, and the posters mentioned above are certainly enough to build a robust castle. However, I'm designing this castle with the potential to grow even further! If we hit all four of the goals laid out above, I'll be posting additional stretch goals to unlock even more, including a courtyard and the battlements around it, stables, greenhouses, servants' quarters, and the castle grounds beyond!

All told, my plans for this castle include 16 map images spanning 8 double-sided posters--two full deluxe sets worth of content that all fits together.


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Just got an email about this one tonight. I'm intrigued. Really liked the one I got from a previous campaign, and I like the idea of having a castle map this large. Not sure why all will unlock though and what exactly I'd be able to put on the table.


That Great Hall would've been great for an adventure I ran a couple years ago, and knowing I might reuse that material at some point is tempting me more than anything I guess.

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Went in for 2. Waiting to see if we can get close to getting all four before committing more, but I think I'd spring on up if both unlocked.

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~7 hours to go. Says he'll be able to print the four proposed maps even if the funding doesn't make it to 10k, so thought that was pretty cool. Sitting just shy of 8k right now, so if it could get a nice push here at the end could get pretty close or even all the way anyway.

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