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Lanura, Andowyn and treasure tokens

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Have started off Lanura and Andowyn, painting them as a duo for Frostgrave or GA. So heritor and warden or wizard and apprentice. Lots of the ideas for the colour scheme come from this board/online. Vallejo flat green coats, french blue trousers, grey brown gloves and boots, and saddle brown skin tone. 


Also did some simple frostgrave treasure tokens. Those are just resin bases with Frostgrave and Fireforge spare parts stuck to them. I went for relatively bright colours around the rims and for details to make clear that these are counters and not terrain. 






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After something of a lull have done more work on these. Base coat completed and some washes and highlights. All Vallejo paints with Army Painter washes, apart from the skin which is Idrian Flesh by P3. 


Am enjoying picking out all the little details and tchoches on Anowyn. Am trying also to have a lighter and cleaner look to these two, most of my figures end up looking like the peasants in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 





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