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Chris Palmer

Anyone Painted an Opal?

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So @Cyradis and I were discussing painting opals on Facebook, and thought we'd ask anyone if they had ever attempted it, or had thoughts on how to capture that inner-fire look.





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Alright.... want photos of the really pretty stuff? I'll do photos of pretty stuff, followed by a photo of the boring stuff. There is a lot more boring stuff than real stuff. 


I actually saw this necklace (named "The Path of Enlightenment") at the GIA. It is phenomenal. Australian lightning ridge opals, in ideal lighting... all that...



Black Opal


A high end Ethiopian one...


Light Opal



One from Nevada (opalized wood is also a thing there)






And a boring one. 




Trouble is that the valuable gemmy opal is marked by its random and many color flashes.... on an already small scale. They're hypnotizing. I think replicating it in mini-form is going to make your mini look like they're wearing/holding/staring at a solid lump of confetti. 

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I didn't paint a mini opal, but I did attempt to paint the orb on a staff with an opalescent sheen, sort of like a mother of pearl effect.  It involved painting the orb white, a thin coat of Vallejo's metal medium and some splotches of pastel pink, yellow and blue that had been mixed with metal medium.  None of the colors were very bright, so it didn't look too garish.  I could see doing something similar for an angel's wings or robes--not a proper opal but more of an "inspired by" look.  

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7 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

That round one would look great at the top of a staff.


i wonder what speckles of color-shift paint would look like...


That could be a possibility

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