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Dwarf watchtower

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Inspired by getting the docks done I did some more work on an unfinished watchtower project. 

It is a hexagonal pencil pot that I sawed in half. I put in balsa supports then layered coffee stirrers for the roof. 

To defend it I have added foam core board annexes either side of the door. 

I need to figure out how to do a lip all around the upper part (which will lift off) to disguise the joins. 

For the door I am probably just going to stick some magnetic material to the back of a couple of one sided resin doors so there can be a broken and unbroken option. 

Will paint or stick on the other doors and arrow slits. 

I haven't put it on a hill, wanted it to be versatile so a fairly limited wooden base. Will landscape it but keep it relatively flat. 

Will also add the ability to stick in artillery, I have the dwarf organ gun from Mantic and think that would be ideal as a 'deck gun'. 






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Painting came together quite quickly. Grey stippled on with a stencil brush in three shades, then using acrylic paint bricks in different colours to add texture. 


Still need to make the extras (deck gun, maybe a broken door and a hanging skeleton or corpse) and paint on arrow slits. 




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On 4/14/2018 at 7:06 PM, Boaz said:

"TheDMscrsft" youtube chanel by GM Scotty has over 500 DIY videos on this kinda thing ... wish I saw this sooner he has a ton of great time/cost effective technics.

Scotty's stuff is awesome, as is the DMG, Black Magic Craft, Wyloch's site...

Good stuff, so little time

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