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Warmaster Armies & LOTR 10mm project (will be Pic Heavy)

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Hello All,


I'm starting this thread to show my 10mm Warmaster armies that are currently done and the progress to finish them and the long just sitting there in a box LOTR Warmaster armies. I was inspired to have a look at this project again after seeing Lowylowlycook's 10mm LOTR armies that he's looking at putting together.


Currently this is its status







some eastern figures which I bought (don't think they are available anymore)



and 2 boxsets of the original game.


as you can see quite a lot to do, but hopefully I can fit some of these units in my painting schedule this year

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I will quote your signature:

" I came, I saw, I ran away...."


As someone new to painting this just seems daunting on a large scale!

Will be following along to see your techniques!


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18 hours ago, lazylathe said:

I will quote your signature:

" I came, I saw, I ran away...."


As someone new to painting this just seems daunting on a large scale!

Will be following along to see your techniques!



Hi lazylathe, the big decision to make is are you a collector painter or a gaming painter that wants a lot of miniatures on the table which look good but don't take forever to get on the table, I do a mixture for table top games I tend to batch paint large lots, I will do smaller lots for bigger scale miniatures or character figures to add a little more details or my old D&D miniatures.


For batch Painting only paint a few units in order to get a production line running but not getting to overwhelmed with how much you need to sort out and you will get a few finished at a time, I tend to have 2 or 3 projects on the go at any one time switching between them depending on the mood I'm in either splashing on base colours or some detail work or drybrushing.


Here's My small Dwarf Force that I'll use some units for the LOTR games.










All boxed up (they all have magnetic strip on the bottom of the bases and the box is lined with steel paper.



This reminds me I must get the Anvil and Gyrocopters finished to complete this Warmaster army off as well.


I have a Bretonnian force that I'll substitute as possible Knights of the Dol Amroth, some barbarians and celts that might be good substitutes for Easterlings





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