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How Tall is that Mini?

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As many of you have already noticed, we're switching out our sizing conventions in order to tell a model's size here on reapermini.com. 

This year, you'll see our models slowly phasing out the "Bryangles" in favor of our "M" and "B" letter markers. Eeach marker is 1/4" (6.25mm) and will hopefully not only give you an idea of the size of the model, but also tell you whether it's a Bones model or a model from one of our metal ranges.

Check out the photos for a better explanation. :)

B Announcement_PS.jpg

M Announcement_PS.jpg

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Out of sheer curiosity, are you able to expand on why this change happened?  The 0.5" / 1" markings were rather useful for comparison, whereas its not always as easy to eyeball with the 1/4" tall M or B. 


I'm guessing part of it is that it's easier to photograph... 


Larger models such as the Minotaur Demon Lord which stand several inches tall makes comparisons with the shorter standard a lot harder to accurately guess heights. 

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Yeah, I have a much more difficult time using 1/4-inch scales myself. I eyeballed 03761 as being about 6 "Ms" high at the tip of the sword, or 1 1/2 inch. Then I stacked the Ms up next to it and got 8, or about 2 inches.


Maybe it just takes practice.


I am definitely looking forward to telling the difference between metal and bones in the pictures, though! And standardizing on a scale reference like this one is great.

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Since you're upgrading the photos anyway, I'd like to suggest that models that got remastered (had their bases trimmed) have the new version photographed instead of the original, if the original still exists. 


I had no idea this had been done and when I started to get figures with modified bases I thought they were miscasts and spent the better part of 2017 hassling poor Ladystorm about repeated replacements before figuring out they were supposed to be that way.  To her extreme credit she was wonderfully patient with me until we finally figured out what was going on, but the entire ordeal (including unnecessary shipment of replacements and associated costs) could have been avoided if I'd known, and I'd have known if the pictures matched the product. 


Since the help email marks picture attachments as spam and thusly it's recommended not to include them, the result was that I assumed what I was seeing were miscasts and labeled them as such.  With no pictures to show the issues, I was taken at my word.  It was only after several rounds of this and a specific request for photos that the mystery was revealed.  It just so happened that by coincidence everything else I was buying didn't have trimmed bases except these few, so they appeared to be anomalies.  After Reapercon I started to see more of them as, working through my list, I hit the rest of the modified SKUs.  Had I hit those earlier I might have clued in that what I was seeing was intentional (presumably to help keep costs down).


This way the replacement photographs will better reflect "what you see is what you get".  I recognize that this may be an issue that comes up infrequently, and I may be an atypical customer in complaining about reduced bases, but if they're going back into the photobooth anyway using the newer production model will prevent people like me from needlessly clogging up the customer service email with issues that aren't actually issues.  I imagine Ladystorm has enough to do without having to coddle cranky goblins. 

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I'd also like it noted that I find it much harder to determine what size something is based on the single 1/4 inch marker. It's just too small for big minis and not a size people "think" in. I can visualize an inch easily, and a half inch isn't a stretch, but I have to try really hard to imagine a quarter inch.

Please consider stacking multiples or making the marker bigger.

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Gonna have to echo the inch or half inch sentiment. Quarter inch just doesn't seem like a scale that most people typically think in, myself included. An inch or even half inch marker, preferably an inch, would give a much better read on the size of things to most people.

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