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Four miniatures at various levels of progress

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Minor update on the halfling tribeswoman.





On 4/9/2018 at 11:55 PM, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

Very nice I've done sculpting but mostly terrain and things like that but don't but I'm everbe ableto do actual humanoid minis I'm no good at anatomy never could draw it either so you're going great I like them can't wait to see more is definitely buy some


Thank you very much! More is on the way

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I am no sculptor, but as a painter all I can say is my highest praise of "I would absolutely love to paint all 4 of them!" ^_^


Your details are exquisite, I'm particularly impressed with the bottom of the halfling archer's tunic, and how it's slightly scruched where the belt passes over it. 


I'm trying hard to find something to critique, but the only thing I can come up with is that the male archer's stance seems slightly static. Perhaps if his knees were bent slightly? Honestly that's the only thing I can find, and @TaleSpinner can give better advice than I can. ^_^


Your ability to accurately translate the concept art into your sculpts bodes well for your success in future sculpting endeavors, and I will enjoy watching your progress! ::):



--OneBoot :D 

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I'll echo everything @OneBoothas said above, and add that I really hope the halfling gets cast somewhere. She's really fantastic and would fit nicely as an Eberron halfling from the Talenta Plains. All of your faces are really great.


There's still enough fleshing out to come, so I'm not certain on this, but the halfling's right hand looks a bit large. It appears that she could stretch her thumb and little finger across her face and touch both ears.


The Knight is a really awesome piece, I love how lanky he is. That said, the hand holding his mace is a little awkward. He has a break in his wrist that would significantly weaken his grip if he struck something that way (it may just be the camera angle, but it looks like the dorsal surface of his hand is at a right angle to his forearm rather than in line with it). 


I really love what you've got in your concept art, and I'm looking forward to seeing the armor on the Archer guy...and more of the magic-lady!

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Thank you both very much! I'd love to have them cast some day and see what they could look like painted.


I agree that I made her hand too large. I need to practice hands in general, because even though I think her hand came out okay detail-wise on the front, the other side is a mess. I also made the mistake of sculpting her hand in that position rather than away from her body, so I couldn't reach most of it. Honestly I have a long list of little mistakes that I'm going to try to avoid with future figures. For now the mistakes I've made on her will remain as a snapshot of my current skill and experience level.


As for the knight, I think you're right about the camera angle, but again, I just generally need to practice hands because there are a few wonky things going on with it. I meant for the plate you can see on his gauntlet to be covering the tops of his fingers. He has a larger guard that isn't visible in the picture covering the back of his hand onto his wrist. The way I sculpted the individual finger plates makes it look like either his fingers have too many joints or that his hand is too far forward and bent awkwardly.


Anyway, I plan on finishing the halfling some time today or tomorrow, so I'll be posting more pictures soon.

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A tip that worked for me to improve my hands is two fold:


1. Find artist sketching tips.  they show hands from 360 degree and explain proportions and ratios.


2. Spend a few nights doing nothing but hands.  Tedious, but I managed to get my hands 100x better in just a week.


3.  (ok I lied about two fold) there is a technique I picked up somewhere (I forget where) that has you sculpt hands flat on a piece of plastic.  Basic rectangle, add fingers, joints, positioning, thumbs...good practice and easy to pop off and attach: since they are only half the depth you attach it to a pin and add the back.

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Here's a quick update since I haven't posted one in a little while. Tonight I sculpted the arms on the archer, I had previously added some buckles and a belt on him. I've also given the witch an armature and the first layer of putty to shape her legs.



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These are really fantastic! I love the faces and the details like the stitching on the quiver, really awesome stuff. The head to body ratio on the witch character looks disproportionate (the head being large in comparison to her figure) that being said some exaggeration on that front is good i would just decide if you're happy with that before getting overly invested in the rest of the figure. (You can always put her head on another armature)

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