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New Releases April 30, 2018

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The following new release items have a hard release date of Monday, April 30, 2018.

Dark Heaven Metal Fantasy Miniatures

03871___ Tosca, Dreadmere Hag by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03872___ Fruella, Dreadmere Mercenary by Bob Ridolfi $6.99
03873___ Serena, Dreadmere Rogue by Bob Ridolfi $6.99

03874___ Thunderfoot Defender (Triceratops) by Chris Lewis $16.49
03875___ Bloodcrest Smasher (Parasaur) by Chris Lewis $9.79
03876___ Armorback Barbarian (Ankylosaurus) by Chris Lewis $9.79
03877___ Blacktooth Savage (Tyrannosaurus) by Chris Lewis $13.49
03878___ Skywing Stormcaller (Pteranodon) by Chris Lewis $9.29


Reaper Dungeon Dwellers
07004___ Dungeon Dwellers: Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief by Bobby Jackson $9.49

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