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Super Chibi Round 4


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Super Chibi Round 4


Super Chibi Round 4 form Midknight Heroes is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Time to get your chibi on! Please if you can spread the word we would appreciate it. This time around we are packed with a ton of great chibis with characters like Nona the Uni mage, Tenago the Dwarven 1/2 Dragon and Sakura the gang enforcer from Sector 7. Not to mention we have some amazing stretch goals planned including a new bust. Stop by and take a look.


Kickstarter Link: https://tinyurl.com/y7kxdjx8




P.S.take a look at our core characters.


Nona, Uni Mage









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OK well, we funded and unlocked Stretch Goal #1 before I could even get here to update you all that we funded. Things are moving fast and I know you want to see the worg rider. If we keep this pace up that may happen. But anyway here is the update. 






Working on this next stretch goal



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Very tempting. I'd love to jump in on this one. That last girl Sedi, Elven thief looks so familiar. At first she reminded me of the apprentice from Sacred Blacksmith, but after checking the show, not so much. Then I thought maybe Leafa from Sword Art Online, but again, not really. Either way her artwork has some nice attitude. 


Nona the Uni Mage is adorable, but what's an Uni mage? The only uni I know of is the food. It's actually my favorite thing to eat on Earth. Maybe she's an inu who gets her power from eating uni? JK :rolleyes: 


If that orc worg rider gets unlocked there's no way I'll make my will save. He might be the cutest chibi I've seen in... ever!



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@CorallineAlgae What is a Uni? (pronounced U-nee) Well, it's a race that we created for our world Super Chibi Clash. They are a race of animal-like humanoids that have an affinity to magic. They were loosely based on Kitsune and I say loosely because they only have one tail and no more, they are also not associated with spirits or anything like that. In Clash, they are very friendly but hold a grudge if you tick them off, and that is hard to do. They mostly tend to be mages but there have been some that have taken up the sword to fight for their queen. 


I hope this helps you understand what they are. 



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OK, so we are making some great progress. Over the night we unlocked our second stretch goal Sedi the elven thief, now its time to go for the big guys. Yep, now we are in the final stretch to see if we can get stretch goal #3 unlocked. This is the biggest stretch goal we have ever done as it will open up two new miniatures that will be add-ons, Takata Bust and Grog. Grod will be massive and the biggest miniature we have ever made. Grog himself will be 30mm scale and his worg will be MUCH bigger. Takata will be our second bust and just like our first one he will come with options, he will have two different heads you can choose from. RIght now stretch goal #3 is the final goal in the Kickstarter but, if we blow this thing up we will add one more. SO lets spread the word and see if we can get this goal unlocked, we got plenty of time with 13 days left. 







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@pcktlnt Yes, there will be. Granted it will be some time after the fact but there will be one. The last two Kickstarter we used our online store as the pledge manager and that worked out very well for us so this time around we will do the same. How that will work is very simple. You will be issued a one time only coupon code for the amount you pledged in the Kickstarter. You would then add the items you want and then apply the code at check out. Then pay for shipping and boom you're done. Once the items arrive we send them out to you. This will allow you to get the items in the KS as well as any other items you may want at the time. 


Also just like the last two Kickstarter we will have late pledges via our online store as well. Although this time around we will put a defined end data because the last two we did not do that and it caused a few issues. 

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