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Super Chibi Round 4


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Oh yes, bust and wolfy-wolf unlocked


Update #7 Takata Bust and Grog Unlocked!



Yes, we did it! It was a little bumpy there for a moment but we hit $3700 and blew past it. So, you know what that means right? Yep, Takata Bust and Grog are now unlocked. YEAH!

Ok, so how does this work?

It's simple both Takata and Grog are set Add-ons of $12 each. So, if you want one just increase your pledge by $12 for the number you want. It's that easy. 

**Note: Takata bust has two head options. You will receive both in your pledge. 

Now time to be honest with you all. Takata and Grog were set to be our last Stretch goal. There was a number of reasons why we did this, the primary reason is because of the time frame we like to fulfill our Kickstarter. We like to have a turn around of  6 months. (We overshot that but a small factor in our last one) But, my partners asked that I add one more. So here is the deal I have been thinking about this and running some numbers. If we hit over $5200 we can add one more Stretch goal. It will be another Add-on and it will be another bust. Now again I'm going to be honest with you I have no concept art for this but if I see we are getting close then I will share with you what I have in mind. So thanks again for all the support and let's keep moving forward. 



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Update #9 Quick side views.

Ok, just a very quick update here. It was asked in the comment section if we have any views of the miniatures from the sides. I was able to get a few shots of the sculpts but they are not renders, they are just quick views from the .stl files we have. Also, note that these are still subject to change depending on casting needs. Right now it appears  Sakura and Nona do not need any parting out but that could change also Tenago's body is the only thing shown at this time.







55 hours to go

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Final day

21 hours to go at time of posting,

5 minis with the basic pledge, and the new bust and wolf with orc rider unlocked as paid add ons

so if you fancy some Chibi goodness from a genuinely small company that depends on your backing to make said goodies jump onboard without delay

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OK, the last remaining orders (13 i think) are boxed up and ready to ship out and will be going out this week. Keep an eye out for you emails. Thank you so much for all your support and understanding and we are very sorry for the delays and will work hard to make sure it does not happen again. 

Also, we still have backers that did not complete there pledge manager order and the are looking for their orders. If you did not complete your pledge manager order your items are not shipping till you reach out to us and get your shipping paid. We have not forgotten about you, your order is still here on the shelf just waiting on payment for shipping so please reach out to us. 

OK so with that said, we will see you March 19th for...


Here is a little preview of Lilyana one of our core minis for that set.

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