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My DM wanted an Ettin for next week's game, and since I have lots and lots of minis... Well, I guess it falls to me! 




First time using green liner. Also mixed in some brown liner with Ruddy Flesh for the skin he's wearing and the clubs. The beard & hair is Dragon Red.



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Another highlight on the skin..._20180416_220539.thumb.JPG.59cdc1213dc1ddf7cbc6d40aa9a897f9.JPG






And then a glaze to try to smooth it out.







Plus dry brushing the fur, fish, & wood. Also used auburn shadow on the straps. Brightened up the hair up to marigold yellow. 


I'm still not 100% on the skin, but I'm not sure what to do next. 

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I'm wishing I saw this before my last D'n'D campaign as he would have fit right in to the endgame masive orc hoard with hell gate support coming from the north ... I had plenty of hero champions but was short on orc champions ... and here he is , one bad azz orc with two opinions and one painful disposition ...

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