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Another backdrop for pictures, this time fantasy

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Awesome!  I'm curious about the big gob o' green up at the top of the corner: is that a mass of green-stuff putty that's fusing the corner?  Or, is it some sort of green plasticene that's providing a more temporary bond?  (Just curious that it's the one part that doesn't seem to be painted up like the rest of the production.)


Also, great Mega-Mutant.  :)  Since I don't see a base, I suppose you position miniatures here by pinning the feet and just poking them into the foam that comprises the base/ground area?


And I can't help but be curious about the rusty pickup in the background, the blue power-armor trooper, and what looks like a scrap-wall barrier.  More Fallout-y goodness WIP perhaps?  :)  (Where is the blue trooper from?)

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Jordan my super observant friend, it is indeed GS fusing the corner together and it needs to be painted and flocked.  Trooper is from RGB games star trooper line.  The pickup is getting used to experiment with rust and the minis all have a pin in the foot so they get pictured against the backdrop before getting pinned to the base.;)

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