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The floor is lava.  Plan your giraffes accordingly.


The runners-up:


RandomnessXIV: Is there a character limit on th

RandomnessXIV: Abandon all hope, ye who enter 

RandomnessXIV: Things you people wouldn't believe 

RandomnessXIV: Drei Tage wach

RandomnessXIV: Some assembly required 

RandomnessXIV: Sanity optional 

RandomnessXIV: We've gone plaid! 

RandomnessXIV: It's full of memes

RandomnessXIV: Batteries not included Huzzah! 

RandomnessXIV: Ever tried to have a serious conversation with your girlfriend, while a crow is sitting on your head?

RandomnessXIV - THIS Is His Parachute. THAT Was A Knapsack Full Of Bowling Balls. 

RandomnessXIV - Is It Supposed To Be This Color?

RandomnessXIV - It Goes Better With Bacon. 

RandomnessXIV - Because Purgatory Was Full. 

RandomnessXIV - The Bunny Gets The Pancakes. 

RandomnessXIV - 'Cause Tetradeca Is In, Baby! 

RandomnessXIV - The Saturday After The Friday Before.

RandomnessXIV - Welcoming Our Insect Overlords. 

RandomnessXIV - Sparking Vampire Miniatures....

RandomnessXIV: Mauve snakes and lime green lakes

RandomnessXIV - Oh, look, TV Tropes! I'll Only Be A Moment.... 

RandomnessXIV - Dice Fall, Everybody Dies.

RandomnessXIV: Free Hugs! Only $5 (international backers add 538€ shipping)

RandomnessXIV - Keep Plenty of Brain Bleach On Hand.

Randomness: XIVilization

RandomnessXIV : Another day, another project. 

RandomnessXIV : Ooohhhh Shiny!!!

RandomnessXIV: These *are* the minis you're looking for.

RandomnessXIV : Paint, Post, Sleep, Repeat, Paint, Post, Sleep, Repeat...

RandomnessXIV: That's no moon! That's a randomness thread! 

Randomness 14: Because Roman numerals are pretentious.

RandomnessXIV : Who needs reason anyway? 

RandomnessXIV : 20 minis, 20 paints, 20 brushes, 1 wallet. 

RandomnessXIV : That's not Coffee! That's my Paintwater!

RandomnessXIV : Brushlickers Anonymous

RandomnessXIV: Reasons to Ramble

RandomnessXIV: Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket? Hm, probably too long.

RandomnessXIV: But What Does Medium-rare Sienna Look Like?

RandomnessXIV: Needs more purple 

RandomnessXIV: The Search for Sanity 

RandomnessXIV: Pull the other one, it's got bells on

RandomnessXIV: We didn't playtest this thread at all 

Randomness XIIII: How do Roman numerals work again?

RandomnessXIV: Why are we still here? 

RandomnessXIV: Feel the random, taste the random

RandomnessXIV: quick someone take a picture before Froggy mods it.

RandomnessXIV - The Cleaners Have Been Sent. 

Randomness XV - The Search for RandomnessXIV

RandomnessXIV: The Princess and The Froggy, a Frankensteinian Horror Story.

RandomnessXIV: I would post 500 posts and I would post 500 more

RandomnessXIV: Incoming brain crash in 5, 4, 3...

RandomnessXIV: Is It ReallyRandomness Anymore? Stream of Consciousness I: April 2018 Edition

RandomnessXIV: I think its time we blow this scene... Almost freedom time!

RandomnessXIV: 1/3 of the way to The Answer GEM

RandomnessXIV: Brains versus Beach, an Epic Rap Battle in Iambic Pentameter.

RandomnessXIV: All your bacon are belong to us

RandomnessXIV: III.LXXIV Squared

RandomnessXIV: Because Louis was taken...

RandomnessXIV: Wait I’m Not Ready Ye...

RandomnessXIV: Don't look at me! I have no idea how that Glitter got there! 

RandomnessXIV: I deny having bought minis! 

RandomnessXIV: Who told you to touch my paint? 

RandomnessXIV: Your Bacon or mine? 

RandomnessXIV: Focus!!! Ohhh shiny!!!

RandomnessXIV: we didn't research this Good news everyone! Coffee tastes like coffee again!

RandomnessXIV: Contemplation and rumination. Erratic and unsystematic

RandomnessXIV: What was the safe word again?

RandomnessXIV: Random Randomness is random

RandomnessXIV: the Randomness is a Harsh Mistress


RandomnessXIV: This is not the thread you're looking for. 

RandomnessXIV: A New Hope 

RandomnessXIV: Surviving the cold, An imperial handbook on how to invade an Ice Planet. 

RandomnessXIV: Buglips for President!

RandomnessXIV: If You're Still Here After This Long, Our Weirdness Probably Hasn't Scared You Away

RandomnessXIV: The Return of Bob

RandomnessXIV: They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

Randomness XIV: Raphael in the OG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie wanted to make strange little babies with April I'm pretty sure and that's basically the plot of The Shape Of Water

RandomnessXIV: POLYCHROMATEXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!! 

RandomnessXIV: Shameless Self-Promotion

RandomnessXIV: The Moon is not enough 

RandomnessXIV: Randomness Is Forever 

RandomnessXIV: it goes on and on my friends! 

RandomnessXIV: and I would randomXIV more (Da da da!) 

RandomnessXIV: Bryangles as far as the eye can see!

RandomnessXIV: I am very interested in how you destroyed the moon 

RandomnessXIV: anti-life affirming anecdote

RandomnessXIV: Kill It With Fire Love Fire

RandomnessXIV: We didn't start the fire but we did bring the s'mores

RandomnessXIV: Stop the thread, I want to get off.

RandomnessXIV: Zomething Different

RandomnessXIV: What's the point anymo... Argh, stop stabbing me with the point...

RandomnessXIV Starring Will Ferrell.

RandomnessXIV: Between the Movies and Acquisitions 

RandomnessXIV: The Sievening 

RandomnessXIV: Because Art Belongs in Purple

RandomnessXIV: The reboot no one wanted 

RandomnessXIV: Rome wants its numbers back 

RandomnessXIV: Froggy is tired of your broccoli 

RandomnessXIV: The one without Ub3r 

RandomnessXIV: Still Buglips' fault 

RandomnessXIV: Full Contact Origami

RandomnessXIV: Wait, What? Again?

RandomnessXIV: There may just be crumbs. Be careful, it may become a habit.

RandomnessXIV: Alphabet Soup for the Sole It's been an odd morning, in some ways.

RandomnessXIV: Please Reinstall Universe and Redo from Start.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Next week wraps the Crimson Throne game - and it is pretty much just wrap up - they killed the evil queen and her inner court - and everybody managed to not die! Though several were into the negatives at the end of the fight.


I did not get to use Gauth. ::(:::P: (I swear to Gogamagog, Gauth was used as the model in one of the illos of Karzavon.)


Next week is what the aftermath is, and the PCs places in the city.


Megan wants the barbarian to be crowned King - Jon is... resisting... the idea.


After the wrap, we should all have our PCs turned in for Megan's Eberron game - Jon has turned in three that I know of.... (Barbarian, Barbarian, and Bloodrager... and Bloodragers are pretty much spell using Barbarians. ::P: )


That last game will be a dinner party - and a farewell party for Molly the Younger and Carl. Molly is off to Cambridge, and Carl is off to Chicago.


The Auld Grump

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1 minute ago, TheAuldGrump said:


That last game will be a dinner party - and a farewell party for Molly the Younger and Carl. Molly is off to Cambridge, and Carl is off to Chicago.


Two excellent cities. I have lived in them both and was born in one.

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