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Artis Opus - Series S: Brush Set


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Surprised I did not see this mentioned yet.



So my question here once people look at it is this really worth it?  The cost seems high given you can get Rosemary & Co or other company Kolinsky brushes far cheaper.  What makes these worth the extra cost?  I know you get the brush soap (which I would think most of us have already) and a nice case (not really needed perhaps).  But seems like $65ish with shipping for 4 brushes seems high.

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Well, you can search for his LinkedIn, and, while he's been in the miniature painting business since 2013, I'm not seeing any brush manufacturing experience. This is also a First Created project.


I'm happy with my brushes, but I'm cranking out orcs for the tabletop, not painting for display.

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I have been looking for a KS like this but that does seem kind of steep.  I bought 4 Rosemary & Co awhile ago and it cost a little over $40 (if I remember correctly) which most of was shipping.  I love them and if I wanted more sable brushes I would probably go back through them. 


I also have my eye on some decent looking synthetic brushes on Amazon just to round out my collection...not that I need them I have about 20-30.  I'm getting almost as bad with brushes as I am miniatures.  

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5 hours ago, Harrek said:

 What makes these worth the extra cost?


As best I can tell the chunkier handle is there special feature? If someone likes their current brushes, but finds the handles a bit too skinny, my recommendation would probably be a bit of green stuff.

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9 hours ago, vutpakdi said:

Having been burned badly by the first Games & Gears Kickstarter project, I'll wait for a review of a production set from someone that I trust.  And, I also don't need the really small sizes.



This. Very much this.

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Any details on the specific dimensions of the brushes? Specific lengths, width, belly size/shape, etc.


Remembering browsing through Rosemary & Co, brush dimensions were all over the place depending on what you wanted, and it had little relation to brush sizes as I could find a size 0 in one line bigger than a size 1 in another.


Otherwise, yeah, better wait for reviews *after* the campaign, at the higher retail price. Makes me wonder who the target market is as there are plenty of alternatives and variation.

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So they've reached over £111,000 ($155,000USD) at the time of this writing.


This is far higher than whatever Games & Gears or Wamp got for their own brush KS campaigns.


Is there some special magic to these brushes that we're missing, or is it just good marketing?

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