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Christmas 2002 special cav figure

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I think I'll hold of painting it until we've seen/heard about General Drake.


However, I do hope the others are this good. I assume Bobby has done many figures for Warlord/DHA.


I am surprised this was hand scultped though... a little :o)

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hmm isn't General Drake mentioned in the CAV Rulebook? †iirc he's a mercenary recruiter, known for getting the best men for the job. †I'm not sure what he'd be doing on a battlefield, but hey he's got a huge stogie so it's a cool figure regardless.


As long as he doesn't walk around ripping CAVs in half with his bare hands (you know what I'm talking about) I'm happy ^_^.

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hmm I must be falling behind again.  The only fiction I have on Drake (p45 of the rulebook) makes him sound more like a business man than a leader.  Where does it say he pilots a CAV?


Perhaps this figure is from his younger days, where he earned the title of "General".  Now that I think about it, since CAV takes place just after the Galaxy War, it would give him plenty of oppertunities to fight.


The +3 ACA CAV is the Spartan, one of the light recon CAVs.  The Sultan is the CAV with the versatile indirect missle pack, and can hit hard targets at +4 with IDF (very cool imo).

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