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Dwarven army for Dragon Rampant

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I like Northstar's plastic fantasy figs because they have a Dark Age, Tolkienesque feel.  I've decided to paint up my dwarves so that I can more easy justify buying the elves that are coming out soon.


So far I've put three shades of metalic paint all the minis but I'll be painting each unit of 6 or 12 on their own.  First up are some speardwarves . 



I'm thinking that the beards should lean towards blonde to complement the blue cloth.  Maybe some pale yellow spear shafts?  Oh, and I also need to order some transfers for their shields.


Eventually the whole army  will all get some Polyshades brushed on to pick out the details.



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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great bunch!




3 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

Looking good so far. 24 point war bands, or are you planning something bigger?


Eventually I'd like quite a few LotR inspired armies (besides dwarves I've got Rohirrim and goblins ready to paint and elves from Last Sword are on the way, also probably going to get the new Oathmark elves to be my version of Gondorian soldiers.  This is a long parenthetical statement) so I'm sticking with the standard 24 pts.  Some armies might get extra options down the line.


3 hours ago, Gargs said:

I know nothing about Dragon Rampart but I love dwarves and these are off to a smashing start!


Thanks.   Dragon Rampant is a fantasy version of the historical Lion Rampant medieval skirmish rules.  They are extremely simple but sill interesting to play.  Also very chaotic.


Anyway more progress.  After painting so many Italian Colonial troops, I've decided that, yes, some of these dwarves are wearing cumberbunds.



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