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Dark spawn

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I really like your blending on the purples to the warlord-ish purple (using Vallejo colors as my point of reference).  You could make it even brighter if you wanted and even darker on the underside from what I see, but the blends are great as-is and why would you change something that works?  It's a solid model, be happy! 


As to the base, for early bases, you could do simple sand bases, where you take some pva glue (I use wood glue as it's good & strong PVA glue), and there are several companies that make wonderful basing sand.  You could do a couple colors, perhaps a black sand around the feet of the monster, and then a brown/tan sand everywhere else.  Throw a couple pieces of driveway gravel on there for variety and you've got an easy to do base that doesn't take all day to make. 


Baugi's basing basics is a great thread for inspiration on bases when you feel that you want to tackle that. There are a couple other threads out there that point out what others use for their basing, from cork to a giant bag of cedar chips, to wargaming sand and costume jewelry cogs and beads.  It's a little of everything to make you happy.

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That is a great transition from purple to pink. Personally, for this mini, I would take if further. Start blending in pink sooner, or rush the transition at the tips.

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