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Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018


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Yeah I read that update.

Sounds like either they went into this with very little idea of how much PVC production actually costs, or their factory really low-balled their estimate.


Hopefully, they at least manage to get the character minis out unaffected, but it's beginning to sound like I may have dodged a bullet by dropping out of this one.

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I think they were victims of their own success and lack of adequate conversations with the factory before they started.. They got a cost for X minis of Y size, but then they didn't design them to a proper spec. I think they sculpted for resin, and just didn't know enough about how the plastics production works.  


Also they ran into the Death may Die production run.. if you don't reserve a slot and make that slot, you are at the mercy of the company's schedule..  I only got resin because I didnt need another board game so I've got less invested game wise..  


PM is back open as well.

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