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Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

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Discovered a snippet on Beasts of War.



....It also explains the focus of their project as a tight two-player skirmish game with deckbuilding elements sown throughout it. Each foray onto the field is meant to represent just a portion of the war raging across the world.


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According to a FB post they are hoping to deliver this by Feb 2019.  This both excites and frightens me.


I hope they are not underestimating the work or popularity of this thing.  I would rather they take their time to make sure that everything is how it should be and not just pushed through.  


From FB:



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1 hour ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I want a lot of the minis, but only if the game sounds like fun too.  Adulting sucks sometimes.


I hope you didn't get hacked or something.  Someone is making a lot of nonsensical posts under your account.

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I feel your pain, especially on this one.  I tend to skip the KickStarters that are a game, instead of just miniature.  There's always a much of extra bits that I do not want.


I'm feeling it more so with this one.  The pictures they are posting look so amazing though.  The pledge levels are really going to dictate whether I can make this saving throw.

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**crash** **break** **snap** What was that? Your cat gently walked on your display shelf and its tail brushed slowly along your figure? 

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