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Spaceship toys. What primer to use?

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So I got a bulk pack of toy spaceships to use as proxies in Starfinder ship combats. They'll work as-is, but I was hoping to pretty them up some. The material feels similar to bonesium, but can't be sure.


Mounted three on flight pegs and primed them with Reaper MSP brush-on primer.


12 hours later, the primer is still tacky.


Any suggestions on other ways to prime and paint these things?


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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Try washing them in Isopropyl Alcohol first.  

(I'm assuming that you've already washed them with dishwashing soap and afterwards rinsed the mthoroughly)


Like a fool who's not painted anything in a year and a half, I did indeed forget to give these the most basic soap and water washing. No wonder I'm having problems.

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 Rust-oleum have changed their propellant/active ingredients so it will micro-etch plastics getting the spray paint to stick ... it used to be a special separate paint line but it seems they found it better to mix that ability into their standard line ... I suspect Krylon did the same thing ...PaintCover.thumb.jpg.e179f0817c3a5e4d15aa6813ef92d6f0.jpgPaintActive.thumb.jpg.e1351ea4e2be2ea7795520f90f3baa8f.jpg


 it's the Xylene that eats into the plastic ever so little you don't see it but the paint sticks ... any spray (or brush on) paint with the Xylene warning should stick to most plastics ... but not all plastics are the same.

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