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Reaper Bones Fomorian Hot pink!

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I wanted to share this since I did not find many of these already painted when looking for reference photos, maybe it can help someone else! 

I went super bold with this guy, as I tend to do lol! The pictures don't really show how gross those pustules are though lol!  They have a bit of nurgle's rot on them as well. 


The basing was done with mostly natural elements! A real lichen laden stick, seed pods, fern leaves, along with some Army Painter Battlefields Grass Green and  Battlefield Rocks, as well as some basic

clump foliage for filler! 

Does anyone like to use natural materials for basing!? 


C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! 

Starred Photos-008.jpg

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Cool paint job, and excellent work on the base!


I like to try to use natural materials, too.

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