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King n00B

Armored Little Grunty Goblins

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I set a goal last year at  Dragon Bait Miniatures to create a new line of fantasy goblins. With this in mind I resolved these goblins had to....

 A) Look meaner and more heavily armored, something that might be more of a match for dwarves. 

B) Go with a flatter more traditional goblin face with a Thracian styled goblin cap.

C) Be sculpted  by no less than Kev Adams, the Goblin Master himself.

I am excited to present to you these dynamic, meticulously sculpted goblins by Kev for Dragon Bait Miniatures. Though I might be considered a bit impartial, I truly believe these are some of Kev's best work, and some of the best goblin miniatures out there today. With your help I can cover the crazy costs of sculpting and molding and bring these miniatures to market. Hopefully together we can get these goblins to the dungeons fighting hapless adventurers where they belong. Thanks again for looking!


Dragon Bait Minis



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I must say that your profile picture is awesome. We have Astronaut Sloth hanging on a wall in our house, lol. 


As for the goblins, I like the sculpts. The pricing is a little high, especially with that shipping though. Not hideously high, but enough so that I hesitate to back for a few little grumps. 


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Really like the throwback sort of look of these gobbos. It's a really nice look. I'm just so gobbo'd out idk if I can swing these tho.

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