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Warhawk Air Museum

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 Dropped by the ...



To see the ... 



And the other ...





 As well as several others ... but I don't want to overload the thread with photos ... it's a local museum with some great history and I noticed a lot of models ... done well, ok, but ... compared to what some of you reading this can do ... maybe you should take some time this spring / summer and look into your local museum ... it was a very wonderful morning for me, met some swell folks, and saw some great history ... and noticed an opportunity for some of you to showoff your mad skills to a much wider audience ... especially with today's range of figures / models and techniques. 


 One last parting shot ...


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I've  never have been there & I lived roughly 30 minutes away.  I do see it mentioned allot on the local(semi) nightly news & such. Someday I'll take it in. 

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Looks like fun. The next time we're up that way, we'll try to make time.


If you're ever near Ogden, UT, the Hill AFB museum is an excellent (and free) museum and definitely worth a few hours.

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