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What bones are retired


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      The giant Kaladrax was "retired" because it was never meant to be that big - after the Kickstarter in which Kaladrax was produced, there was a miscommunication between Reaper and the people producing the mold for it, and the mold was cut much larger than Reaper had originally intended the piece to be. However, Reaper being awesome people, they made the decision to go with the larger size, which cost them some profit on each piece.

But eventually, the costs of the extra packaging, shipping, etc., became prohibitively expensive and the decision was made to have it discontinued in its original size. From a strictly profit viewpoint, it's rather amazing that Reaper continued to produce the larger Kaladrax as long as it did.


   There were a number of Bones minis from earlier Kickstarters that ended up with some casting issues, but as far as I know all (or all but one or two) have been retooled to correct those issues and are still for sale.


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I'm betting that they never did make more of Kaladrax, that all they were selling was the first production run. That is, what was left after KS fulfillment. 

(I'm assuming that the ones they sold after the KS weren't sold with a loss. )


It's so big that the market for it is pretty limited. It's very difficult to use it in most games, so it's mostly painters and collectors that would be interested. And quite a few of those got theirs through the KS, or from resellers that also got stock from the KS.  


Lets hope they rescale it and bring it back, so that people can do a 4day challenge... 


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4 hours ago, Dimitri Mazieres said:

Is Nethyrmaul, the Undying discontinued? It seems to be out of stock in quite a few online retailers, including Reaper's online store. 


Out of stock doesn't necessarily mean discontinued. To my understanding, Bones figures are made in big batches in China as opposed to the metal ones which can be cast as-needed in Texas. Once the Bones figure of a certain one runs out, they have to wait on a large batch to travel a darn long way before it can be restocked, so there is a significant time lag. 



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I have actually used ole Kaladrax a couple times - once as Dragotha at the end of a 4e D&D campaign (2nd last session, prior to the PCs fighting Orcus), once as the gargantuan undead dragon at the end of the 3e D&D/Pathfinder adventure 'Curse of the Crimson Throne'. However to make it useable on the game board I had to leave off the ginormous tail!

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