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Freebooters Fate Brayhn

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Have done the base colours, wash and highlights so just need to base this figure. I love the style of these models (Fantasy pirate range from Germany) but have a batch of them and for some reason they were really hard to make! It could just be me and superglue. 


Grey primer, Vallejo German Black Brown armour, and chestnut brown cloak, base flesh colour from Vallejo paints (quite pink) for the skin and grey gloves (London Grey highlighted up by mixing with pale sand)  Army Painter Shining silver sword. The hair is Vallejo Burnt Red which I would not normally use for red hair but did the trick here. 


Shading was my usual crutch of a brown ink wash all over, Army Painter Strong Tone. I used a clean brush to wipe it away from most of the face which avoided my usual problem of having mucky looking faces. Then did the White piping and highlighted the shirt. As ever all c and c welcome. 





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