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DSM 1310 - 2008 Elmore Demoness by Cyr

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The reason I suggested the orange was to lighten the mid-tones more and I meant just a faint dab was because you said you use brick red mix for your shadows. Even thou like as you said,  brick red has some purple in it ( I consider it a weak burgundy wine color in regards with the purple in it) I would still call it a warm color instead of a cool, thus recommend the orange to lighten the tone. Your idea of the bronze skin (again an orange tint color in it) will do the same, and lighten your tone even more so is good as well but I would use a mix as one of your first high-light layers. I recommended the orange more for a deamony-off worldly skin effect theme. Anyway you go kudo's to you, I like where your going with the piece regardless, I was just making an experiment for you to try out not necessarily on this piece.

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She isn't actually fully highlighted yet by any stretch, so she is en route to brightening anyway. I'll see how the bronzed skin highlights work out - I used the golden skin highlights for her face. For the demony part I was thinking of giving her some tattoo markings running up her leg for one, and along her shoulder and arm for the other. I think I should leave her boob alone though, or not obstruct it much. I considered some red spot-like marks, but that seemed a bit out of place on someone so sleek. 

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I started her wings. Didn't smooth blend as much as I intended, but the overall result is looking pretty cool. I base coated with a magenta which I decided was too potent - still can see it on the back of the wings. It is effectively out on the front. The wing bones are not yet painted. 

Thumb in front of naughty bits. 




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11 minutes ago, eldamir said:

I love your flesh tones! Looks just like a thumbnail!!

Seriously though, the wings are amazing


Bad that I let this thumb nail grow long so I have more space to test paint opacity? 

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2 hours ago, hosercanadian said:

I love what you have done with those wings.


Was that glazing and blending?  The testing opacity comment has me wondering...


Fat glazing, blending, layering.... kinda a hodgepodge. The lighter colors glazed and blended well. The darker ones are playing chunkier, and I'm trying to pull them into the creases in the lighter regions, so they don't blend as much. It has been neat seeing what paint combos do. Like.... the Saffron Sunset paint is a good orange for a base layer and glazing onto the yellow. But the stage that's Hykey Yellow + Saffron is one that behaves beautifully smooth at a variety of thinness levels. And the lighter mixed color is behaving better for going over highlights on the dark areas than the orange. So my process on brightening the dark spots is to use a too-light color and then I glaze Deep Red over it. 


Honestly, I kinda started this with a "here's a cool effect to try, I'm gunna fling paint at it and see what happens!" attitude. I'd have liked to smooth blend more, but I seem to only get the smooth blend part on the lighter parts and pre-shading. So I'm now on a "what looks cool" kick and that's going pretty well!


@TGP thank's for the booty! 


And I do think the opacity test is useful. The nail is more similar to the mini than skin is, and the nail has less oil. So I've been testing on the back of a Dark Sword blister pack, and on my thumbnail. Once I have a few paint colors down I can paint over them, and then it is a bit easier to see how thin the paint is. It works without a first layer too, but having one down helps. 

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I made a little progress tonight. Started shading the wing-bones a bit (dark browns), and I touched up her skin adding some Bronzed Shadow and Clear red. It makes the skin more interesting for sure. Will take more pics soon ::D:

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