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BBC archive of sound effects/ clips

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    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      What is everyone's favorite textures resource? I'm relatively new to painting textures, and I need to figure out how to differentiate materials. I'm having trouble with color choices for the texturing & with what textures to use for what materials - I'm having trouble converting the textures I see to something that looks "right" in miniature form. 
      Youtube videos are *ok* but I vastly prefer picture step-by-steps if possible.
    • By SamuraiJack
      Ninth Planet Audio is a new brand for table top audio. We specialise in SciFi audio for your table top games and are excited to bring this project to life with you. Our first product, "Solaris" will take you on a 14 hour audio tour around a hypothetical solar system in your table top SciFi roleplaying universe. The game master can tailor adventures around the soundscapes, or they can use them as needed to support other adventures already in progress. We know you will enjoy these awesome sounds as they bring your universes to life.
      Check out the dozens of audio samples we have for you below.
      LEVEL 1) SOLARIS MAXIMUS - $139 ($129 EB) - The Super SciFi Pack. Brings you the brand new, full Gold Edition of Solaris. As shown below, this includes the all new sound for Solaris 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the asteroid belt. A promotional arrangement with Darkraven Games allows us to bring you their awesome full science fiction audio catalogue as an add on. In addition to SOLARIS Gold, you get: 
      1) Darkraven Orion Edition Science Fiction Soundscapes with 76 tracks and 18 hours of audio featuring every kind of SciFi soundscape imaginable. This is a pre-existing product. Info and samples HERE.
      2) Juggernaut 1: 22 tracks with over 5 hours of audio from every nook and cranny in a deep space prospecting vessel. This is a pre-existing product. Info HERE. 
      3) A FREE copy of Juggernaut 2: 11 tracks with over 2.5 hours of sound from a 28th Century Starport. Info HERE.
      That is a SOLARIS MAXIMUS total of 169+ tracks with over 40 hours of SCIFI sound for your table top games. A bargain at $139 (save $46)
      LEVEL 2) SOLARIS GOLD - $69 ($59 EB) - (JUST NEW STUFF+FREE GIFT) Brings you the full, Gold Edition of Solaris, with Solaris 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the Asteroid Belt tracks as shown below. 60 brand new tracks with 14+ hours of 320 kbps seamless looping sound. You also get a FREE GIFT copy of Darkraven's Juggernaut 2 with 11 tracks and 2.75 hours of SciFi audio in and around a starport. Info on Juggernaut 2 HERE.
      LEVEL 3) SOLARIS SILVER - $39 ($34 EB) - (JUST NEW STUFF) Brings you all tracks for Solaris 1, 2, 3, and 4 as shown below. 34 brand new tracks with 8+ hours of 320kbps seamless looping sound.
      $6000 - every relevant soundscape will also get a helmeted version. 
      $9000 - An 8th planet. A forest planet. With 6 more tracks. 
      $10,000 - 6 bonus tracks (including EVA jetpack), for a total of 72 tracks and 18 hours of sound! 
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