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Freebooters Fate Crazy Perez

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Have nearly finished the next model in my batch of Freebooters Fate pirates. The mini is sold as "Crazy Perez".


Am happy with everything apart from the face. I used Vallejo medium skin tone (aimed at looking like 'Asian' skin) and highlighted that after a brown wash with medium skin tone mixed with pale sand. Not the look I was after but am trying to learn skin tones. 


One nice things about these figures is that you get the sculpted metal base insert so all I will need to do is highlight the wood and stone details then this bit should be done. 




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I chickened out and after doing a thin coat of mid skin tone, red ink, and pink skin tone, I just added highlights in pink skin tone. 

That original colour looked nothing like anyone's natural human skin tone in my view but would have looked brilliant for a half orc. 

I just need to paint the base and she is done. 


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