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Black Rose Wars


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This is a preview link, the project goes live April 26.



This is by Ludus Magnus Studio. They kickstarted the Nova Aetas and Sine Tempore games previously. I backed Nova Aetas and was very happy with the minis and game. This game is set in the same game world/time (Italian Renaissance), but looks to be a completely different style of game.


It looks like it has some very interesting mechanics and game pieces. It is a wizard dueling game, the kickstarter page says 2-4 players, but the Man vs. Meeple video mentions 2-6, so I'm guessing there will be a stretch goal or add-on at some point. Even though it is a dueling game the objective isn't killing the other mages but to collect victory points. I hope they release some actual gameplay videos, the review videos piqued my interest but I'm very curious to see how it actually plays.


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Why oh why did I look?!


I think I might be backing this one.


Like with all other KS I am after minis so the only thing that is holding me back right now is I wished the evocations were a little more diverse.  I dont like that each set are all in the same pose.  All the mages are beautiful though which is making it hard to say no!

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