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Black Rose Wars


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3 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

Yeah, this thing is hitting a lot of the right points for me.


I mean...ewwww... (just trying to help NecroMancer) 

Its a lost cause I can't resist.  I'm just waiting to see what that preview is before I commit. 


I want to get in on the Limbo KS but if I do this I might have to skip that one.  However I am due a bonus (if my department has the money) so I am thinking I'll back this and if I get my bonus I'll back Limbo as well. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hey even if you guys don't back BRW I and the rest of the backers would appreciate it if you went to BGG and favorite Black Rose War. 


Just go to BGG and look it up and click the heart. 


It will help us unlock some of the Social Stretch Goals and would be greatly appreciated!

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4 hours ago, TheMandolin said:

Maybe I am overlooking it, but does it seem like you can pledge for just an add-on? 


All I want are those cute little baby monster minis


I don't believe you can just add the add-ons.  According to the FAQ you have to pledge a Initiate or Magister to get access to the PM.

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