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Cthuhu Idol

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I nicknamed him "Billy"



I lined the elder sign then painted a thin wash over it trying to get a good glow effect.

I thought it came out well. It really needs more contrast though.

It was solid white when I started so I can't complain too much!



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    • By Rigel
      A wonderful piece of pulp adventure terrain, suitable for the Serpent Men of Valusia, the Yuan-Ti or Lizardfolk, or any game with dinosaur cults or a reptilian civilization. @Glitterwolf might find this useful--and it's a very painter-friendly sculpt.  

      For scale, we have a 28mm Kirangozi and a 32mm safari explorer. 

    • By Chris Palmer
      I was impressed with some of the Homer Statues that have been shown on these forums not too long ago, so when I saw these figures in my local Dollar Tree I thought they too might be ideal fodder for a couple idols to the doughnut and beer god.
      The figures easily popped of their bases, and then I glued them to some scraps of insulation foam cut into rough-hewn pedestal shapes, and then to some MDF bases.
      My plan now is to paint the foam, and then spray on a little stone texture spray paint.

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      This is a work in progress because I have the whole diorama. But the statue itself is really cool dungeon décor.

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      These guys were my first attempts at painting wood grain. Could have gone a little better, but practice makes perfect! (Also: I need a steadier hand.)
      The general effect I was aiming for was "carved wood painted in thin paint by primitive tribe" so I tried to keep the wood grain a tiny bit visible through the paint of the masks.

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