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New project, not from my shelf of shame.  My plan is to use greys to make it look like she is in pre-dawn light with a little bit of illumination from a glowing golden gem on the end of her staff.  So far I have managed to prep the mini and apply the paint on primer.  This is my first time using this primer so I'm interested to see how smooth it will be.





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And then I made the first of two big mistakes.  The green I used is too strong.  It's the right colour and the shadows show through, but its too saturated.  I will need to use a lot of grey in the next couple of layers to make it less bright.






Then I made the second big mistake.  Her dress is supposed to be violet-red, but I painted it chestnut brown by mistake.  I will fix it in the next layer.




Then I did the first layer of flesh tones.  I am using Rosy Skin as the main colour.  Rosy shadow and chestnut brown for the shadows.  Fair skin, fair skin highlight and white for the highlights.  I added too much grey in initially so it all looks pretty horrific.  Sort of a serial killer vibe.




First layer of blended fleshtones and did the eyes. 




Started adding in the shadows on the green cloak.  Still too bright.  Needs more grey.  My plan is to desaturate all the colours in areas that are just getting ambient light, and tint all the colours with yellow in areas getting hit by the light from the tip of the staff.



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I didn't paint the last two nights.  Wednesday I ran my regular D&D game.  Last night I ran a painting class (24 students, everyone painting something different, it was glorious mayhem).  I had some time to think about what I'm going to do and made quite a bit of progress tonight.


I corrected the dress colour and replaced it with the violet-red.  I did two rounds of blending on the cloak making it greyer away from the light and adding in the light effect colour to the green on the highlights.  I also put a bit of the glow colour on the tip of the staff so I would have an easier reference point for the OSL. 






Next I added a mixture of blackened brown and stone grey to the base.  I highlighted it adding in a touch of the glow colour so the base is also showing the shadow position and the OSL.  I find that having the bright reference point and the darkest shadow point clearly laid out helps me visualize where the highlights and shadows should be.  I also did some more blending on the dress and added dark shadows on the staff.  I applied the base coat of purple to the trim of the cloak before remembering to take another picture. 




Then I added the first layer of shadows and highlights on the trim of the cloak.  This will have to be blended a few times.  I am going to paint the criss-crossing pattern an orange-red colour and try to make it look shiny like metallic thread. I also did another round of blending on the green cloak.  I have only done one layer on the flesh tones so far.  I will go back and blend them a couple more times after I have the light levels of the surround clothing right, so that I will not have to try to re-adjust the brightness of the flesh tones at the end.  I also keep hitting the flesh areas with the violet-red of the dress so there is little point doing that part until later.  I'm not completely sure about the cuffs on her dress.  I'm leaning towards doing the piping on the cuffs the same orange as on the cloak and leaving the cuff part the same colour as the rest of the dress.  If I make it green, it makes the overall mini too green.  If I make it blue, it will go well with  the orange piping on the cloak and dress, but it would probably clash with the purple trim on the cloak. 






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I did the first layer of orange on the piping on the dress and cloak.  My hands were kind of shaky last night so there are a few off target splotches. 






Then I did a wash of dark purple over the trim and piping on the cloak. 






After that I started highlighting the orange piping to work towards making it look reflective. 








While waiting for the piping to dry before going to the next layer I worked on the staff to blend the browns a bit better and add more of the glow colour close to the top and in the highlights. 




The overall look outside of the area which is supposed to be illuminated has turned out far brighter than I had intended, but I like it.  I think I will try this whole sequence again on a different figure but make the cloak blue grey and add a base with small trees that are grey to enhance the OSL effect.  For now though I like the way she is coming together.  I'm going to avoid using any orange in the light effect so she shouldn't end up looking like a big pumpkin.

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I glazed over the piping with the orange mid-tone colour (carrottop orange).




Lined around the orange piping with a purple wash. 




Redid all the shadows and highlights on the orange piping. 



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Tidied up the hair around the face with auburn shadow.  Added the first layer of highlight to the hair with carrot top orange.




Added the final highlights to the hair with a mix of orange, linen white and the glow colour.  I also added black to the broach in preparation for painting the gems. 




Painted her mouth. The first layer of red was the mid tone from the violet red I used for her dress.  The lower lip was then done with the same colour very slightly lightened with linen white.   The highlight was a mixture of the same colours plus a tiny amount of the glow colour.  She suddenly looks much less like a serial killer. 




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Painted the five gems on the broach with the ocean blues triad.  I oriented the gems so that the light would appear to be coming from the direction of the light on the tip of the staff. 




I tried to make the metal setting of the broach look like bronze by using NMM but it looks a bit off.  It may need to be revisited later.




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Okay, with all the details painted its time to do the thing -- add the yellow glow from the staff in all the areas where the light would hit.  This is the first round of adding the glow colour.  I am going to let it sit and dry and I will take a look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow and then add another layer/fix the problems. 

















Glow Step 1f.jpg

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