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77055: Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior

Xiwo Xerase

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This is 77055: Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior, a Bones mini sculpted by Bobby Jackson.  The WIP thread is over here.


My goal was to demo a skin tone for orcs.  I wanted something slightly green but not the standard green of Warcraft or Warhammer orcs so I tried using the Khaki Brown triad, with 09128 Green Ochre as the midtone, and washed with 09253 Flesh Wash.  Unfortunately, the Flesh Wash brought the skin more to yellow brown but it'll work.  (I may try painting my next orc with an actual green skintone, because I like the idea of a photosynthetic orc, but that'll be a different project.)




When/if I repeat painting this mini, I will pay better attention to the mold lines (like the one on his left boot) and try to be a little less sloppy with the epoxy when gluing him to the base.  (Or just paint the rim of the base black, which will hide at least some of it.)


Constructive criticism and comments are welcome.

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10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks good to me.

You could hide the epoxy near the foot with some sand/flock or rubble.


If you paint the decorations on the Axe in a contrasting colour ( Gold, Blue Metal,. Green Metal) it would stand out more.


I'm not as concerned about the epoxy on the top between Anval's integral base and the base he's on as much as the sloppy epoxy on the sides.


I see the axe head as a single piece but it's separate from the axe blade itself.  I could have stood to paint the axe head darker and/or make it a little rusted to increase the contrast between it and the blade.  Since he's an orc (and isn't known for having great equipment), I'm not sure the axe head or blade would be a different color.

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25 minutes ago, kazmania7 said:

luv your skintone!, I would recommend using black ink to black-line some of the metalics.

Thanks!  I don't have a black ink for painting yet.  I wonder if something like HD Solid Black plus Wash Medium would work for lining instead.  (Sounds like an experiment for a future mini.)

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14 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

yes it should, just remember that your black-lining and not washing because unlike the ink, solid black is a oplaque and dull/cut the metallic reflectiveness.

Right.  This should be one of those situations where capillary action helps (hence Wash Medium), since I would want the paint to spread thinly along the edge.


I'll try it on the boots/greaves and shoulders of my 14352 Unforgiven WIP and see how it works out.

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