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Battle Mat Books for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG Games


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Created by Loke BattleMats, this Kickstarter aims to expand on our latest tabletop RPG accessory, the Big Book of Battle Mats, which is a wire bound book of fantasy themed Battle Mats that can be used by simply opening the book to the chosen design and using as either a single or double page spread. 

The Big Book of Battle Mats The Big Book of Battle Mats

The Wire binding allows the pages to sit flat on the table and each page is laminated so can be drawn on and wiped clean.

The book format allows us to fit 58 individual Battle Mat pages in an area the size of a normal RPG rulebook.

The two most common requests we've had is for a larger version and a Sci-Fi version, this campaign will aim to address both of those questions.

If funded, this campaign will result in the following new products added to the Loke BattleMats book range:

  • The Giant Book of Battle Mats (A3 fantasy themed)
  • The Big Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats (A4 Sci-Fi themed)
  • The Giant Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats (A3 Sci-Fi themed)

The book sizes are either

  • A4 (8.3" x 11.7") with each page as an 8x12 grid
  • A3 (11.7" x 16.5") with each page as a 12x17 grid

The Giant fantasy themed book will contain similiar but expanded designs to the current fantasy book such as wilderness, caves, dungeons, town locations and some special areas.

The two sci-fi book sizes will contain similar designs to each other with the plan to include designs such as ship/station interiors, planetary landscapes, space locations, city locations and some special areas.   


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This project is in it's last week.


I bought the existing A4 book, which is quite nice. The maps are universally useful (some more than others) and the book seems durable. 

The campaign did unlock another A4 and A3 fantasybook (there are two of each now).

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