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It looks very good, if you want more contrast do a higher highlight on the most outer flames but I really like it as is

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Looks good!


I agree it needs a little more yellow and a bit of white.

Be careful though, fire is bright in the centre and darker at the edges, not the other way around!



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Thanks everyone! I did want to make an attempt at flames before doing something...unfortunate to a more expensive mini.


I did use yellow for the highlights, unfortunately it was almost all obliterated by a later glaze. <_< I keep failing to take highlights far enough. 


Also, I apparently need to watch more painting videos, cuz that would have been helpful. Just wish the first step wasn't “grab your airbrush”.


Ah well, it’s not like anyone is ever going to see my minis outside of the Show Off forum.

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This mini takes dry-brushing really well. I did it twice with green-yellow flame like the Monster Manual, and with yellow-orange-reds.

Starting with buckskin pale/linen white 1:1 and getting darker and trying to get the edges furthest from the centre darkest (so more reds or greens as appropriate).

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