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So I'm going to be repainting some D&D Minis for the DDM Guild's Prize support at GenCon 2018. Just really got started last night, but progress is progress. Sorry about the crappy phone picture.




So, I'm gonna be keeping track of my progress here. My deadline is the first full weekend of July, the 8th or so. As I'll need to mail them to someone who is actually attending:(



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UPDATE. Painting got done a bit. Did base coat on Invisable Dragonborn fighter to make it into a dragonborn Ghost or spirit. Looks good in blue. Also, planning to Paint a unicorn, a Drow, and either a red Dragon or a Fiendish T-Rex. The Giant, Iymrith, is going to be the DDM Guild North American Championship Trophy! Gonna get some help with it at my FLGS, Gatehouse Games. Got to take pictures of the progress, though.



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Pictures of my Progress...






The Dragonborn Fighter Ghost is coming along nicely. Thinking of making the sword and shield "Solid".




The Big Event, no pun intended, will be for this lovely lady! So far all I've done is give the Lightning Bolts a more Yellow shade but planning a bunch of stuff for her! Looking forward to finishing this one! Also, better Picture than before!



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Repaint Updates!






Dragonborn Ghost is possessing a sword.






Orc Skelly has more detail on his blade now.




Shadar-Kai has sharper details on his blades too.






Astral Giant got some spear work done.


More work is going to be done soon, too.



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Orc Skeleton is looking good.




So is the Shadar-Kai Warrior.










Iymrith is Really coming together now! Though it took like 20 Minutes to get those Eyes to look as though they both belonged to the same type of critter! She is a Storm Giant not a Formorian!



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Shadar-Kai Warrior just needs a few final touches.






Orc Skeleton is finished and Sealed!






The Astral Giant just needs a look over and Sealed!



AND NOW, for the First time, The 2018 North American D&D Miniatures Championship Trophy! OR Mostly just the first Dry fit of it! Enjoy!





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