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Kulathi Heavy Gunner

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Had a go at converting a Kulathi to wield a heavier gun ... something to shoot up opposing armor ...




the smaller arms did not turn out well ... I going to try clipping at the elbow for the next one.



Looks food from above, going to have to work n the underside ...

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 Second heavy gunner, better and worse ... prepend a lil more and yet fought the gun a lil more ... will have to hot soak to reposition some ... 



 the Kulathi come armed with two different styles of weapons so t dug through my meger bits box to try to keep them in theme ...



Got a good idea of what I'm up against now ... now I just need more test subjects, er , volunteers ...

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The square-ish have guns are from a WH40K razorback turret (opposed Hv. Bolters) linked with a piece from Pegasus chemical plant set ... as is all the round-ish gun , pipes and conecters ... I used the right handed Kulathi as the base and only had to roll one hand into a fist.


I had to trim the fin off the top of the Bolters to get the arms to fit, and trimmed the ammo feed off bottom to make the guns look complete ... the pipe round gun was straight forward chop and build.

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 Round gun seemed a lil too long ... modified it and added some to the back ... repositioned an are wail at it.



 Not sure if I went just a lil too short ... maybe something in between. 


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