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Kulathi Battle Force


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 With the arrival of a load of bases my growing Kulathi force have started to take shape and I thought I'd share the frce development ... starting with the command section...


To the right the yet to be painted artillery observer and spotter ... to the left medic and orderly ... center is the force commander and aid ...



Next up inter basic grunts, the Strike teams ... with more waiting fore base coat ...



 Then we have the Fire teams, supporting the strike teams advice. ..



 Sweeping around the flanks or charging up through cover is the Hound teams ... with specially bread and trained Kulathi to keep up with the hounds greater speed on the battle field ...



A most resent development are Kulathi heavy gunners ... packing heavy fire power for structure breaching or armored vehicle hunting ... a preview below ...



Striking with ruthless determination and single minded ferocity thr Kulathi have quickly established a reputation as deadly and efficient combatants on almost any battlefield. 

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 Well their is the Kuden sand worm ,the Kuden sand Sifter (in production soon to be reveled) and the Kuden a sand snapper ... all big nasty monstrosities needing big nasty guns to deal with them ...


 I have also been looking hard at ordering a mantic's trident realms "gigas" regiment or two ... they just so fit in.

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