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A DaughterOfCheese abandoned the painting of this model, so it ended up in the Simple Green for awhile and I decided that her beautiful dress would look better with tentacles protruding from beneath it. Beautiful, sickly devil-flesh striding across a hellscape while she peels back her hood to reveal sinister horns. And it does get cold in hell, so don't forget your scarf.


Or anyway, that was the plan.  It turns out that her color made her difficult to photograph.


The tentacles are formed around unwound paperclips, which were easy to twist into the right shape, but the flesh I added (green stuff, some clay, etc) was difficult to get to the right proportion without making it fall off.


I'm new to this whole "modding" thing, so I'd LOVE feedback on it. :-)



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Very neat idea, and you did a good job with it.


About the tentacles---good idea using the paperclips as an armature.:winkthumbs:

Sometimes it's easier to build up several thinner layers of GS to get the bulk you want than to try to do it all at once. I have the same issues; I want my idea to be done and look cool NOW, when it would really be better to slow down and take my time. Sometimes, slow is fast.

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Experimenting is part of expanding your range ... great start ... if you want something thicker and stiffer than a paperclip but still workable check out 16, 14 or 12 gage SOLID wire not the braided stuff ... 16 should work but 14 thicker and 12 more so ... being solid it will hold form and hold a solid shape for clay/green stuff ... similar to what the sculpters use but chraper.

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